Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ferrari 458 Spider: Live from the press presentation

Ferrari has organized an international press conference in Italy (Emilia Romagna) to present its new Ferrari 458 Spider, and we were there.
We also had the chance to test drive this legendary car. But before you start to tell you our impressions, we preferred to dwell on the technical details of the most significant of the new model.
We had the Ferrari engineers on hand, so much enjoy.The Spider was designed before the 458 Coupe Italia as had been the case for the 360 ​​Modena and F430, given the complexity associated with major chassis and the movement of the roof. The first experiments on aluminum hardtop back to 2005 but it was not long after it has been made more traditional than we know about California.

 To develop this new model we went to get in feetbacks customers to find the direction of maximum satisfaction. The typical customer of this car is indeed very true since 60% of them already own or have owned a Spider. Here's roughly what emerges from the study: customers want to use the car daily, alone or with a passenger, with a sporty driving without being aggressive (a big difference according to experts at Ferrari), a requirement of comfort , space, ergonomics and easeuse.
And it is considering all the criteria that the new 458 Spider is born. With a hardtop, it is able to combine comfort, exclusive design, light weight and therefore greater performance. Compared to the F430 Spider, which weighed 70 kg more than the coupe, the 458 was limited to 50 kg and more, with a gain of only 25 kg for the roof, lighter than the conventional soft top. Like the 575 SuperAmerica, which included the side posts to the overall structure, the 458 Spider the roof down into two parts. The chassis has been strengthened and the structural rigidity has been reduced by 30% compared to the cut, with no variation between closed and open roof.With a roof opening as curious, it was necessarily obliged to thoroughly review the design of the car starting with the cockpit. The roof has been studied so that air can circulate properly, catch and air currents running through the engine: the whole system of aspiration has changed, as the aero-dynamic that can count today on a new Nolde, and a total of 0.335 cx.

 The aero-dynamic front has not changed against, with small wings and deformed special management flows by internal cooling. To optimize the experience in the open, the Spider was equipped with modified exhaust systems that exalt the sound of the V8 570 bhp. We have also introduced the pack HELE: intelligent fans, air conditioning pump and fuel pump, start-stop and mapping specific gear for city use, which reduces fuel consumption by 20% compared to the previous F430, despite an increase of 80 hp of power, with an average of 11.8 l/100 km.Ferrari took into account the different use of the Spider over the cut. Preferred by the pleasure of driving the extreme side of the cut. The software also has shock absorbers were reviewed. The setup Race highlights these differences can then play the tires that meet a new calibration for the transmission and gear changes faster. This Upgrade will also be offered to owners of previous version of the 458 Italia.The first 458 Spider will arrive in the garages of European customers in October. It provides an annual output of about 1500-2000 copies. The technical and marketing have excluded for the future return of the soft top, at least with respect to the V8 mid-engine and now there are no plans a version with transparent glass roof, just because of the division into two parts of the element. The 458 Spider will be offered at a price of 226,800 euros that will need to add customizations colors, equipment and other accessories. For example, the custom luggage kit, developed to make the best bench under the seats. The space is such that it can accommodate a set of golf, the client element type of the Spider (not us, then) will appreciate ...

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