Saturday, November 6, 2010


To have more than a luxury car like this fabulous Maserati single photo, we must be attentive to issues unique because, besides the car, there are advantages.Among the suppliers of luxury in all its expressions are a limited number enviable. Today we talk of Maserati's Robb Report and VIP packages to customers in North America.This is unique opportunity to come into direct contact with the representative of the Italian brand who will serve the customer, will accompany the dealership closest to your residence to order and customize their Maserati, and as the beginning of the process, this with a set of suitcases by Salvatore Ferragamo.
Where the Maserati is ready to be delivered, the customer will travel to Modena to be received at headquarters (who envy!), Where there will be a custom trip that these only happen once in a lifetime. Will let you take pictures?modena-y-maseratiEu think so! And will do so as a team member Maserati. Well, with all that, the tour of Modena, the tasting of local wine and not inconsiderable detail, the 5-star hotel included, and we forget the Maserati.The touch of grace: its acquisition drive around, the customer will have the chance to attend the course director for two days to Maserati customers at Autodromo de Verano Melegari of Parma.

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