Thursday, October 13, 2011

Los Angeles Auto Show 2011: 2 new Volkswagen models

VW has announced that the brand will unveil two new models for the next show in LA

The brand has insisted that these two new models will be for the global market and to totally new and never seen before.

If for a one suspects something, namely convertible based on the latest New Beetle, the second by studying the range, there are two chances in my opinion (but I could be wrong)

The most likely thing for me is to see the show in Los Angeles CrossGolf a new version of the Polo is the right with some success, why not golf? The second hypothesis is a redesign of the Fox, but that can be seen disappearing to make room for Up!.

Anyway, we have months to wait a little and then the show opens November 16.

BMW 5 Series 2012: loss of the 4-cylinder

Bmw 5 Series: the 520d EfficientDynamics Edition version nuove, 525d, 520i 528i e
All is lost, everything goes! There was a time when a BMW powered by a 4-cylinder was almost considered a false or at best the BM BM of the poor.
If the engine continues to prove its expertise in performance, in a few generations, no one will even remember most of the 6 cylinder in-line brand if this continues ...
Two new four-cylinder petrol engine replacing old references 6 cylinders under the hood of the 5 Series sedan and station wagon. Only 2.0 l displacement but with direct injection "High Precision Injection" and a twin-scroll turbo

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nissan Juke test: the frog who wanted to be as big as a SUV

The idea is behind the Nissan Juke is very simple: build a compact crossover that combines ease of use with the qualities typical of the SUV, that is, driving comfort and a high position to dominate traffic. All models are equipped with front-wheel drive. The car comes to road use and urban. Its rather small dimensions give this thing more ...Juke is differentiated by its style and personality. A bestseller in its category The Japanese Suv has achieved excellent results in 2010. Who is the Juke? By analyzing the size, style, technique and prices, you realize that the car has a very broad user base. Appearance of small agile SUV is a great asset to all lovers of the genre. Its price is not prohibitive, its size is also adapted to urban contexts. We tried the 1.6 DIG-T turbo 190 hp and 240 Nm max torque rear-wheel drive and manual transmission. Discover the Nissan Juke with us.We were talking about style. The most characteristic elements are certainly the front-end and wheel arches. But in order. Many associate the shape of the Juke to the image of an amphibian. No toads standing water, but small frogs tropical forests of South America.The front of the Juke is marked by large round headlamps that recall precisely the bulging eyes of frogs. The lights are integrated between the hood and the wheel. The wheel arches front and rear are the true distinguishing marks of the sides of the car. They just look like the legs of a frog ready to jump. The overall look gives a muscular sense of stability to the car.The tail shows the stylistic concepts already seen on the 370Z, for example, moving in a more refined, more developed in the vertical direction. In this context the original interior looks pretty bland. The body is so developed that we would have expected more courageous choices for the interior. Unfortunately, even if the design is quite nice, it has no real personality. The dashboard has a semicircular shape which are housed the ventilation holes. Little originality anyway: the central area is painted the same color as the body.The interior of the Juke is spacious addition to the external dimensions would suggest. In front there is plenty of leg room for the arms and head. The rear seat can accommodate two adults easily, without shoulders touching. Three is another matter. But we can not expect miracles from a car 414 cm long and 177 wide. Completion of the interior is good: the assemblies are accurate even if the dashboard is made of materials not very flexible but remain pleasing to the touch and that transmit a feeling of solidity.We would have preferred that the commands of the GPS are greater. They seem to have been projected from the hands of women. To compensate, the radio and the browser can be controlled on the LCD screen of the system.In this global context, the door panels seem to be a tone lower. Too bad: it's really the only black spot in a generally neat interior. All controls are easy to interpret and use. Such as the air conditioning and audio system very simple.When driving the Juke, the first thing you notice is the steering wheel. This is definitely the best we've had the opportunity to try on a vehicle like this. But also the best in the abstract whether one considers all the vehicles. Fast and direct, it transmits the feeling of total control of the vehicle by amplifying the sense of agility Juke. If in addition it gets over-power-assisted well calibrated for each driving situation you will understand why we are so excited.This reactivity is also owes to the chassis: Despite its relative simplicity (front McPherson and a classic pattern behind a rigid axle), the car remains well attached to land, without being not interfere with the high position of its barycentre . Against the roll by when you are not missing more than a certain speed.The top of the car tires absorb bumps. The brakes are controlled and controllable. We would have liked to try the AWD version, with multilink rear suspension and Torque Vectoring which spread up to 50% maximum torque between front and rear axles but also between the rear wheels. The gearbox has 6-over, the clutch is light and flexible.The 1.6 turbo gasoline direct injection with pump fuel at high pressure and control the opening of valves, fluid power and develop a regular basis. The thrust is evident from 2500 rounds to become more consistent in 3000. From this system the engine runs smoothly and without being too noisy, unfortunately, consumers remain quite high, especially in town or when you press too much on the gas pedal. In this sense, even if the 4-cylinder 1.6, is efficient and pleasant, we would recommend the 1.5 dCi turbodiesel version, less bright, but certainly less greedy.The D-mode is very good, it can modulate the response of the accelerator, the steering wheel and engine tuning. The system operates controls the aircon and the LCD to display information about calibration, works great. Differences in responses of self are really sensitive on the basis of adjustment. Consumption also varies greatly depending on the set-up.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ferrari 458 Spider: Live from the press presentation

Ferrari has organized an international press conference in Italy (Emilia Romagna) to present its new Ferrari 458 Spider, and we were there.
We also had the chance to test drive this legendary car. But before you start to tell you our impressions, we preferred to dwell on the technical details of the most significant of the new model.
We had the Ferrari engineers on hand, so much enjoy.The Spider was designed before the 458 Coupe Italia as had been the case for the 360 ​​Modena and F430, given the complexity associated with major chassis and the movement of the roof. The first experiments on aluminum hardtop back to 2005 but it was not long after it has been made more traditional than we know about California.

 To develop this new model we went to get in feetbacks customers to find the direction of maximum satisfaction. The typical customer of this car is indeed very true since 60% of them already own or have owned a Spider. Here's roughly what emerges from the study: customers want to use the car daily, alone or with a passenger, with a sporty driving without being aggressive (a big difference according to experts at Ferrari), a requirement of comfort , space, ergonomics and easeuse.
And it is considering all the criteria that the new 458 Spider is born. With a hardtop, it is able to combine comfort, exclusive design, light weight and therefore greater performance. Compared to the F430 Spider, which weighed 70 kg more than the coupe, the 458 was limited to 50 kg and more, with a gain of only 25 kg for the roof, lighter than the conventional soft top. Like the 575 SuperAmerica, which included the side posts to the overall structure, the 458 Spider the roof down into two parts. The chassis has been strengthened and the structural rigidity has been reduced by 30% compared to the cut, with no variation between closed and open roof.With a roof opening as curious, it was necessarily obliged to thoroughly review the design of the car starting with the cockpit. The roof has been studied so that air can circulate properly, catch and air currents running through the engine: the whole system of aspiration has changed, as the aero-dynamic that can count today on a new Nolde, and a total of 0.335 cx.

 The aero-dynamic front has not changed against, with small wings and deformed special management flows by internal cooling. To optimize the experience in the open, the Spider was equipped with modified exhaust systems that exalt the sound of the V8 570 bhp. We have also introduced the pack HELE: intelligent fans, air conditioning pump and fuel pump, start-stop and mapping specific gear for city use, which reduces fuel consumption by 20% compared to the previous F430, despite an increase of 80 hp of power, with an average of 11.8 l/100 km.Ferrari took into account the different use of the Spider over the cut. Preferred by the pleasure of driving the extreme side of the cut. The software also has shock absorbers were reviewed. The setup Race highlights these differences can then play the tires that meet a new calibration for the transmission and gear changes faster. This Upgrade will also be offered to owners of previous version of the 458 Italia.The first 458 Spider will arrive in the garages of European customers in October. It provides an annual output of about 1500-2000 copies. The technical and marketing have excluded for the future return of the soft top, at least with respect to the V8 mid-engine and now there are no plans a version with transparent glass roof, just because of the division into two parts of the element. The 458 Spider will be offered at a price of 226,800 euros that will need to add customizations colors, equipment and other accessories. For example, the custom luggage kit, developed to make the best bench under the seats. The space is such that it can accommodate a set of golf, the client element type of the Spider (not us, then) will appreciate ...

Lamborghini: SUV for confirmation, to when the Estoque?

I have an SUV too, as my boyfriend Maserati "has probably said the head of Lamborghini, Stephan Winkelmann, one morning while shaving. This was to announce which model would keep company with the Gallardo and Aventador by the end of the year.
Lamborghini has just one number to rule in favor of the application of an SUV, considered more attractive than a sedan inspired by the Estoque. Christian Mastra, Lamborghini responsible for the Asia-Pacific drives the point home:
"We did not ask our customers to know where was their preference - said the leader - but in emerging markets, it is easy to see that SUVs are on the rise"
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In addition, according Mastra, "Having already achieved a 4 × 4 as pure LN002 gives us a significant legacy in the segment." Lamborghini will therefore offer an auto "to use every day, not just on Saturday" with a refined all-wheel drive and a turbocharged engine.

Monday, September 19, 2011

2012 Mercedes B-Class: prices

We really can not say that the Mercedes B-Class second generation excite anything in terms of its plastic. Clumsy, not original for a penny, she did it for her inside, beautiful on the other hand, it is partly her sister much more sexy, the SLK convertible. But rest assured, the B-Class is a Mercedes and its rates are very stylish. 

To access this car, it will cost at least € 25 200, which is very salty. For that price, more than 95 hp petrol engine as the first generation, but a four-cylinder, still gas, but turbocharged, 1.8-liter, 122 hp, enough to be comfortable on the road. Do not dream, at this rate, the equipment will have nothing to opulent and the list of options will be stratospheric, an old habit of the house. 

It is true that Class B has an important asset in his boot as it is the only proposal of its kind in this segment said pretium. Of course this will not last long but in the meantime, the Star does not hesitate ... diesel side, it will pay at least € 27 400, still, still, you will just one engine 109 hp, which borders on the face of crushing but true.

Alfa Romeo in Frankfurt 2011

Alfa Romeo at Frankfurt, this course was bein 4C gray as a bodywork made ​​of aluminum. Sometimes brilliant, capturing and playing with light to find out more about her curves, she was sublime.


The 4c will be on our roads in 2012 under the hood with a turbo four-cylinder 200 hp that will more or less 900 kg to move.

As for performance, Alfa Romeo promises a 0 to 100 km / h in 4.9 seconds, top speed well above 250 km / h.

Topcar responsible for the Porsche 991

Topcar conduct a development dedicated to the Porsche 991, the next generation of the 911. Graphic reconstructions appeared, emphasizing the threatening aspect of the car. Topcar should then address the issue of power with the Turbo and GT official.


The 991 will probably be presented at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2012. The extensive use of carbon fiber and extremely lightweight materials allows the self to be placed in the category of light weight.


To complete the development, work with 9ff Topcar for making a kit dedicated to the plate and six-cylinder boxer engine, while the wheels will be built by the specialist in gender, ADV .1 Wheels Company. Topcar, obviously already accepts orders for its future achievements.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Audi A2 Concept: official pictures

Plus there is a brand known and recognized, unless we take risks to avoid failure. Because of the status that we acquired, they are indeed much more sensational than the other. Talk to his Audi A2, a small minivan that has a total oven in the early 2000s.

What brand vaccinated? Not at all, since it has to give him another chance, in the same form of mini-legged. However, the A2 goes to the page and is available in electric version for the new decade.

For now, it's just a concept, but one can not be taken in front of his realism! 3.80 meters long and 1.49 meters high, the A2 can not pick just 4 passengers.


Question look, it will hardly be surprised, the latter containing the A2 codes of the firm. It also resembles a big A1, with a silhouette similar (roof arch plunging, inclined bezel ...). The only different is the band of light that goes through the flanks, linking headlights and lights.

The interior architecture is stripped, the dashboard was limited to a wheel with a digital instrumentation and a central screen. Such a design can turn the corner in the series, we highly doubt. Audi has chosen to feature, for example with a flat floor, and clear, with bright colors and the presence of a glass roof electro chrome.

However, we still do not know anything about mechanics. Encode a secret that should be kept to Frankfurt.

Frankfurt 2011: Jaguar C-X16 Concept, official photos and info

Martin Smith have in common, Peter Schreyer, or Ian Callum, except that they are car designers? They all three knew revive a brand (or save) them concocting a new design language. The first two work well for Ford and Kia, while the third officiates at Jaguar.

 The revolution has been the design of the UK is one of the most spectacular in recent years in the world of the car. Not that the Jaguar style is as original or remarkable, but because it has permanently abandon all references to the past, even scare away the regulars. A little evil for a greater good.

 The XF set the tone. It enabled the brand to attract new customers and allow Jaguar to return to the path of profits. What it does it can embark on new projects, oriented more fun and sportsmanship. The brand prepares a hybrid supercar (the C-X75) and announced through the concept of a future small cut entry-level Boxster rival

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Toyota Yaris 3

The most French of Japanese, as made in Valenciennes, sucking will pay dearly for its new and pretty face and the novelty it represents? If it is obviously no question of seeing it cut prices as its competitors (for example, € 9 990 for a Clio 3), the Yaris will be 3 next budget, however well placed, especially with the diesel version that s 'will display more than € 2 000 cheaper than the equivalent Renault and Clio. This means the ambitions of the Japanese ...
But be careful, choosing the entry-level model, you will just minimal equipment: no tachometer, air conditioning or much less dashboard foamed plastic, deprivation is almost monastic. To get something decent hands, it will turn to the intermediate trim level called Dynamic and will be properly provided.
The options are limited, the best-equipped version will be powered by four cylinder petrol engine of 1.3 liters and 100 hp and it will even be the only engine to offer the famous multi-media which includes the Toyota Touch Bluetooth phone, the touch screen that performs several functions (multimedia, GPS, onboard computer), the reversing camera, cruise control speeds, high-end sound and of course finishing revised upwards. The retail price is more.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Aston Martin V12 Vantage

HBH delivers the new teaser official mid-engine supercar based on the Aston Martin V12 Vantage: it is a single with the same propulsuer the Vantage.

The twelve-cylinder "V" will have a twin-turbo supercharging system which should increase power from 517 to 700 hp.

We have no details on the project either on price or release dates, so in the meantime we suggest you look at the light lines of the car.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lotus Concept Ephemera

Alas, alas, three times, the Lotus Ephemera aptly named since it is not a real concept created by Lotus, but a virtual concept is the work of designer Mael Oberkampf has made ​​fun of his drawing the Lotus dreams, which mixes some of his favorite cars genes, the TVR, Peugeot and Aston Martin. And the whole is coherent, which makes us regret even more the uniqueness of the virtual machine!
In addition, no details of the engine that powers the Ephemera since the author is simply talking about 500 hp (V6, V8?) And 300 km / h in a point. It only remains for us to admire the craft after pictures

Friday, July 8, 2011

Mercedes GLK Black Edition

Black is in fashion ... but not the Mercedes GLK, which is not selling as well as designated rivals, BMW X1 and Audi Q3. In this case, as to a proven recipe by painting the craft of black obsidian and a dress to add to it a few trinkets that are highly tuned. And sell more expensive way.

Besides the black paint mentioned earlier, the glass is also found as dark smoked, the rims are now 20 inches, just to make the GLK a true SUV American rapper, an optical OffRoad package appears and the unit is powered by four diesel cylinder 220 cDI 204 hp mated exclusively to the 4Matic all-wheel drive.

Aluminum insert on the inside beam Bi-Xenon mixed and upholstery fabric / faux leather (yes, are too stingy to Mercedes, they have not even made ​​of real leather cow ...) complete the range, while this to only 200 copies in France and costs more than € 49 700 coquettish. Right, well it's not with this blow that cut out for cruppers GLK to its competitors

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

From Concept to Reality # 1: Renault Megane Coupe

Here is a new weekly meeting, what we call "From Concept to Reality". Objective, linking production models associated with their prototype, to determine the aesthetic changes made ​​between a car without stress (or so) and version for the general public. Today, the first episode, the Renault Mégane Coupé.

The concept: Renault Megane Coupe Concept was unveiled in 2008 for the Geneva Motor Show. She surprised at the time for its appearance and its profiled styling elements close to the Fluence Concept (2005) and no one expected to see these lines in series. Gullwing doors, windows wide, wide wheels, everything is there for the spectacular play.

Reality: The Renault Mégane Coupé, which dates back to January 2009, has kept much of the facies, the "teeth" as aluminum, headlights fringed, curved hood in an arc and the floating logo. The waistline is still high, but the cutting of glass is more aggressive.

No red edging on the roof or skylight continuing the windshield, but it falls as much on the tailgate for a slightly sporty look. Stern takes a less pronounced musculature, taillights covered by a rectangular block and the pots are left. In short we recognize bad back but the outline of the optical and the upper fold go there.

BMW Series 1 2011 2012: French prices

While we offered you a first fee schedule for those used in Italy, here are the French price confirmed by BMW. We see that the new series will be worth a few dollars more to us:

25 450 € 116i finish first, the novelty will increase to € 34 200 to 120d and finishing Lounge Plus. All this is not as in the past of a compact 1-Series cheap ...

BMW 116i for 25,450 euros (finishing first) to 29,850 euros (finishing Lounge More)
BMW 118i for 28,000 euros (finishing first) to 32,400 euros (finishing Lounge More)

Prices of diesel versions in the following
BMW 116d from 25,950 euros (finishing first) to 30,350 euros (finishing Lounge More)
BMW 118d from 27,750 euros (finishing first) to 32,150 euros (finishing Lounge More)
BMW 120d from 31,600 euros (finishing Lounge) to 34,200 euros (finishing Lounge More)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jaguar XF

Jaguar, here is a persistent rumor that comes and goes back to the season. Since arriving in late 2007, we are told of a possible variation of the break XF sedan, which had marked the real revival of the English firm.

It seems that this time the project is officially launched. It would be based on the current generation, recently restyled. A choice that we find odd, unless the development of self is far more advanced you want us to believe. For the current XF has passed the mid career and Jaguar is considering replacing it, which is a priority in the product plan for the brand.

Designed by Ian Callum, who had awakened the Jaguar design, the XF Estate will be the second break of the brand, after one based on X-Type, which had not left a great memory. It will focus on the energy and will care little about the volume!