Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ferrari 599 Fiorano Spyder

Today we speak of a unique car, seen by some as the best new car in the world: the Ferrari 599 Fiorano. In fact, this red racing car out in 2006 entered the pantheon of high-end GT cars and untouchable. But Ferrari has decided to go even further and make a spyder version of the Fiorano, as Audi has done with its R8 Spyder.Version GTB Fiorano that had already excited the fans (like the recent 458 Italia), but spyder version, the Ferrari 599 Fiorano could be entered without difficulties among the most beautiful GT Convertible and world's most successful. The lines are a rare purity and detail is felt at an angle and fine sport. Unlike California, the 599 Spyder is positioned as the new car convertible clearly male and provides driving experience beyond expectations. We believe this approach will tend to 599 swivel roof that can already be found on a small city gig well known among us: the Renault Wind.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Audi A1 1.2

Sometimes it does not matter how well you think they feel a new car, you have seen it at auto shows, lots of pictures - but when you finally stand in front of the car
Yes, then it's for real.

The bright red Audi A1 looks even better in real life. The proportions are perfect, A1 does not look at all cut off as many other small cars.Audi A1 has been likened to include latest version of the Fiat 500 and there are certainly similarities, the retro-like. However, Audi's smallest car looks much more grown up than out its competitors retro Fiat 500, Alfa Romeo Mito and Mini Cooper.At one point A1 beats any comparable car with a horse and rolls it is quality.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mini Cooper D with its almost invisible facelift

Last night there were sweets and a car key - offered to the Mini Cooper D. What, because apart from the new engine is lift a big word for what has been done in the Mini. Here the fast changes that experts probably never notice unless: nine millimeters long front skirt with better pedestrian protection. For now, all models, the Cooper S-curved slightly higher hood, with the air intake to the Turbo reserved. Then there is Adaptive Headlights (only with Bi-Xenon), revised side indicators, new rear lights with LED-illuminated arches and a different rear apron.

New mini-diesel engine from BMW:

Yet all awake? Good, then we bring the interior behind us: changed climate control, finer materials, better processing, a new infotainment system with iPhone connectivity. Now the most important, the turbo diesel: the 1.6-liter diesel PSA replaced an equally large, BMW-own engine, based on the much-vaunted two-liter common-rail diesel and was adapted for transverse installation. Bore and stroke changed the engineers so that it follows the same ratio as in the two-liter and thus a short-stroke design and higher revving than the PSA machine. Unlike them, the new engine meets the Euro 5 emissions standards, but keeps the same level of performance: When one comes, he changed with 90 hp, the Mini Cooper D wins two to 112 hp.

Mini Cooper D comes quickly up to speed:

In contrast, the standard consumption decreases, which is below the mark of 100 g CO2 per kilometer. So, even a jelly baby on the way to key in and off. Stands out in a hurry at the traffic lights, although he was previously longer. By effectively isolating the machine holds its heat better, so gentle at the start and comes more quickly to temperature. The Mini Cooper D has long since reached, when he turns on the highway.
Great fun in the Mini Cooper D What that reason alone is not harmful, because the wind surges then around the body. This reduces the ride known as the tight suspension vote. The night is dark, wet and foggy, there were only 30 km from home. If it were not for the departure favorite track here. Sun curves of the Mini Cooper D up through the forest, the Alps, as only a small - with free approach, more precise response to steering impulse, a finely balanced cornering and handling, where you can go dizzy. It pulls and turns the ignition with power and best manners. Was the diesel so far the most economical, but not the best mini-motor, so is the other since last night.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Green cars from Mitsubishi

Have you thought about a new green? Perhaps the new Colt from Mitsubishi may be an option for you? I personally feel that it is a very good option. The car has plenty of room and you sit very well in it, it is richly equipped from the beginning with Air conditioning, CD stereo, cruise control, traction control + traction control. Warranty package is world class with 3 years car warranty, 3year unlikely event that, 10 years electronics warranty and 12 years anti-perforation warranty against rust through. In addition, Mitsubishi Assistance for 3 years. The price is also fantastic, it costs 124.800: - + metallic 3900: - if you want it. After that we took the car in six months you get back 10 000: - the "clean aid" from the state.