Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ferrari 599 Fiorano Spyder

Today we speak of a unique car, seen by some as the best new car in the world: the Ferrari 599 Fiorano. In fact, this red racing car out in 2006 entered the pantheon of high-end GT cars and untouchable. But Ferrari has decided to go even further and make a spyder version of the Fiorano, as Audi has done with its R8 Spyder.Version GTB Fiorano that had already excited the fans (like the recent 458 Italia), but spyder version, the Ferrari 599 Fiorano could be entered without difficulties among the most beautiful GT Convertible and world's most successful. The lines are a rare purity and detail is felt at an angle and fine sport. Unlike California, the 599 Spyder is positioned as the new car convertible clearly male and provides driving experience beyond expectations. We believe this approach will tend to 599 swivel roof that can already be found on a small city gig well known among us: the Renault Wind.

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