Wednesday, February 2, 2011

V8 Bentley

Latest Bentley Continental comes in the firstinstance only with W12, but in the course of thisyear there is a brand new V8 with. There are now with the English Coach announcing more details about this block.

A direct injection 4.0-liter V8 comes in two variants. The least potent Continental GT has a V8 with a turbo and an output of 420 hp. In addition, there is also a version with two turbochargers in the pipeline. Which has an output of 560 hp. According to Autocar that the insider information, the annual production of the Mulsanne with 6.75-liter turbocharged engine now sold out for 2011.

The new V8 will remain within the Volkswagen Group is not exclusive to Bentley. For example, Audi will also benefit from the block. The single-turbo V8 will most likely in the A7 and A8 are the twin-turbo V8 seems an ideal candidate for the future S7 and S8. That show, however, still take some time.
As long as we do not have the Continental GT with V8 waiting. Chances are that we are on the Geneva Motor Show has seen a primary stabbing.

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