Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Audi Q7

Style, power, uncompromising - all these are fully applicable to the car Audi Q7. Wherever there was the driver of the SUV, you can be sure that he will leave with the dignity of every situation: from impassable roads until the arrival of a lady in evening dress to the theater. Potent cocktail that combines a powerful engine, the aggressive original appearance, exceptional design has caused a huge customer demand. The most popular models in North America and Russia. What is included in the recipe for this noble drink?

Appearance - the first thing that catches your eye. Designers managed to create a vivid image, catchy the first time. Audi Q7 outwardly looks like a wild cat ready to pounce. Four paws with pumped muscles - four dvadtsatidyuymovyh wheels, new lights with LED inserts resemble predatory squinting eyes. Easy to learn and hallmark of the modern range Audi - Grille «Single Frame». The combination of precisely selected exterior colors and shapes leave no one indifferent.

Interior - an extension of the exclusivity of the external style Audi Q7. Carefully selected material, adjusted colors, large screen system MMI (Multi Media Interface) - all designed to increase comfort and enjoy the power of the car.

Under the accelerator pedal - from 230 (the diesel engine of 3.0 liters) and 280 (3.6 liter gasoline) to 500 hp (V Audi Q7 V12 TDI). And although the maximum speed limit of 250 km / h, but up to this mark can feel the slightest touch on the gas pedal. This fantastic dvenadtsatitsilindrovy engine produces 1,000 Newton-meters.

Helps manage the squadron mass of electronic systems: they prevent wheel spin during heavy start, ESP protects the descent from the mountain. Audi Q7 proprietary technology called «Side Assist» warns of impending on the neighboring lane vehicle and the system «Line Assist» «keeps" strip when driving on highways. All this shows how much the company appreciates each passenger is off-roader.

If you need a car that combines style, excellent performance characteristics and the highest level of comfort - then your choice of car Audi Q7!

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