Wednesday, July 6, 2011

BMW Series 1 2011 2012: French prices

While we offered you a first fee schedule for those used in Italy, here are the French price confirmed by BMW. We see that the new series will be worth a few dollars more to us:

25 450 € 116i finish first, the novelty will increase to € 34 200 to 120d and finishing Lounge Plus. All this is not as in the past of a compact 1-Series cheap ...

BMW 116i for 25,450 euros (finishing first) to 29,850 euros (finishing Lounge More)
BMW 118i for 28,000 euros (finishing first) to 32,400 euros (finishing Lounge More)

Prices of diesel versions in the following
BMW 116d from 25,950 euros (finishing first) to 30,350 euros (finishing Lounge More)
BMW 118d from 27,750 euros (finishing first) to 32,150 euros (finishing Lounge More)
BMW 120d from 31,600 euros (finishing Lounge) to 34,200 euros (finishing Lounge More)

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