Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2012 Mitsubishi I (aka i-MiEV)

Japanese kei-car Mitsubishi i, equipped with a 660-cc gasoline engine, has entered the market five years ago. Subsequently, on the platform was built by German subcompact Smart ForTwo. But thanks to the clever arrangement and spaced at the corners Body Wheels "Japanese" had a significantly higher base than the "German" (2,55 m), allowing you to comfortably accommodate four riders in the cabin. Inside was narrowish, but the person Height 180 cm, without moving the driver's seat, easy to sit down is called "man for himself."

Few people know that the name «i» is derived from the Japanese character "ai" meaning "love." And now, when it took the name for the electric version of the hatchback «i», to the love added acronym formed from the Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle, and it came i-MiEV.

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