Monday, September 19, 2011

2012 Mercedes B-Class: prices

We really can not say that the Mercedes B-Class second generation excite anything in terms of its plastic. Clumsy, not original for a penny, she did it for her inside, beautiful on the other hand, it is partly her sister much more sexy, the SLK convertible. But rest assured, the B-Class is a Mercedes and its rates are very stylish. 

To access this car, it will cost at least € 25 200, which is very salty. For that price, more than 95 hp petrol engine as the first generation, but a four-cylinder, still gas, but turbocharged, 1.8-liter, 122 hp, enough to be comfortable on the road. Do not dream, at this rate, the equipment will have nothing to opulent and the list of options will be stratospheric, an old habit of the house. 

It is true that Class B has an important asset in his boot as it is the only proposal of its kind in this segment said pretium. Of course this will not last long but in the meantime, the Star does not hesitate ... diesel side, it will pay at least € 27 400, still, still, you will just one engine 109 hp, which borders on the face of crushing but true.

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