Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Audi A2 Concept: official pictures

Plus there is a brand known and recognized, unless we take risks to avoid failure. Because of the status that we acquired, they are indeed much more sensational than the other. Talk to his Audi A2, a small minivan that has a total oven in the early 2000s.

What brand vaccinated? Not at all, since it has to give him another chance, in the same form of mini-legged. However, the A2 goes to the page and is available in electric version for the new decade.

For now, it's just a concept, but one can not be taken in front of his realism! 3.80 meters long and 1.49 meters high, the A2 can not pick just 4 passengers.


Question look, it will hardly be surprised, the latter containing the A2 codes of the firm. It also resembles a big A1, with a silhouette similar (roof arch plunging, inclined bezel ...). The only different is the band of light that goes through the flanks, linking headlights and lights.

The interior architecture is stripped, the dashboard was limited to a wheel with a digital instrumentation and a central screen. Such a design can turn the corner in the series, we highly doubt. Audi has chosen to feature, for example with a flat floor, and clear, with bright colors and the presence of a glass roof electro chrome.

However, we still do not know anything about mechanics. Encode a secret that should be kept to Frankfurt.

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